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Online message via Web Form

Send us a message via Web Form! We usually respond on the same working day. Your message will be sent to our central email address sekretariat@anwaltskanzlei-heemeyer.de. [/vc_column_text]. [/vc_column]. [/vc_row]. [Vc_row]. [Vc_column width = "1/2"] [Contact-form-7 id = "11007" title = "Contact Form"] [/vc_column]. [Vc_column width = "1/2"] [Vc_column_text]. Please complete the text fields of our Web form completely. Make sure your details are correct. If you enter your e-mail address incorrectly, you cannot reach a reply. If you do not have your own e-mail address, please give us a note in your message about how we can best reach you. If you want a phone call, please leave your phone number. In the subject line you can give us a short reference to your request or message-this is optional. Please describe your request briefly. The details can be clarified afterwards in a personal conversation. [/vc_column_text]. [/vc_column]. [/vc_row]. [Vc_row]. [Vc_column CSS = ". VC _custom_1522165558954 {margin-bottom: 24px! important;}"] [Vc_column_text]. After you have legitimated yourself as a natural person and click the Send button, your message will be sent to us. The shipment is sent to the e-mail address sekretariat@anwaltskanzlei-heemeyer.de you will receive an automated confirmation message in the next few minutes. This contains all the information and contents of your message as a document. [/vc_column_text]. [/vc_column]. [/vc_row].